"Thanks to the second opinion of Dr. Richter and Dr. Çelebi-Hofmann, I still have my thyroid gland and the lump is gone!"

Mandy H., 43 years


I was diagnosed with a lump in my thyroid gland in the hospital. Since malignancy could not be ruled out, I was advised to have a thyroid operation, during which I would lose about a quarter of my thyroid gland.


Before the operation, I went to the thyroid centre run by Dr. Richter and Dr. Çelebi-Hoffmann to get a second opinion. After further examinations, I was advised to have a radiofrequency ablation, in which the lump is heated up in a minimally invasive procedure and then degrades itself. The treatment was not painful and I had no complaints afterwards.


The lump is now gone and I was able to keep my thyroid gland. That's why I would opt for radiofrequency ablation with Dr. Richter and Dr. Çelebi-Hoffmann again at any time!