"A big thank you to these two doctors! Thanks to them, the severe pain caused by thyroiditis is a thing of the past."

Bettina R.

Course of the disease & diagnosis

At first, I only had mild pain in the thyroid area, but within a few weeks it became extreme and spread throughout my head. As an actress, I was worried that my vocal cords would be affected. At the same time, my performance decreased greatly, sport was no longer a possibility, because even normal everyday life was very strenuous for me.
I was diagnosed with Thyreoiditis de Quervain, a very rare inflammation of the thyroid gland, but it was not treated properly at first - the pain and symptoms of exhaustion remained for months.


After I came to the Thyroid Centre, the therapy was immediately changed and adapted. Over a period of 2.5 months, I received a higher dose of cortisone - regularly, strictly controlled - which was adjusted and reduced according to the course of the thyroiditis de Quervain. The symptoms steadily decreased.


Today I am symptom-free and the inflammation has fortunately healed without any permanent consequences. I am very grateful to Dr. Çelebi-Hoffmann and Dr. med. Dipl.-Phys. Johannes-Paul Richter, because here I always had the feeling that my illness was taken seriously and that I was in the right hands.