Do I necessarily need a referral to nuclear medicine?

Yes! Services from the SHI-accredited area may only be provided on the basis of a referral by the general practitioner or another specialist. It does not matter which specialty the specialist belongs to. Private patients can also be treated without a referral, provided there is an appropriate indication.

How long does the examination take?

This depends on the type of examination: A blood sample for medication adjustment takes only a few minutes, while other examinations can take up to 4 hours.

Will I be given a contrast agent?

No! Nuclear medicine examinations do not require a contrast agent. The substances administered are only slightly radioactive, generally leave no side effects and do not require any special precautions.

Can I eat and drink normally before the examination?

For most examinations it is not necessary to come to the practice fasting. However, for a myocardial scintigraphy, a fasting state is a prerequisite.

Can I take my tablets as usual?

As a rule, you can take your medication as usual. Should this be different in exceptional cases, you will be informed of this at the time of registration.

When will my GP receive the results?

Your referring doctor will receive the documents after the examination has been completed. This can take up to a week - for example, when antibodies are determined as part of a thyroid diagnosis. Only then do we have the results for reporting, which we then forward to the referring doctor.