Thyroid scintigraphy

schilddruesen szintigrafie


What is a thyroid scintigraphy?

A thyroid scintigraphy is a low-radiation procedure with which the function of the thyroid gland can be visualised. It is necessary in order to functionally assess thyroid nodules and to be able to derive possible therapies from them.

How does the examination work?

A thyroid scintigraphy only takes a few minutes. You will be injected with a low-level radiopharmaceutical. After a waiting time of 10-20 minutes, an image is then taken for 5 minutes.

What do I need to know before the examination?

In some cases, thyroid hormones and especially iodine-containing medications must be discontinued before a planned thyroid scintigraphy. We would discuss this with you in individual cases. Otherwise, no preparation is necessary.

The examination should not be performed during pregnancy. During a breastfeeding period, breastfeeding should be suspended for at least 24 hours.

Are the costs reimbursed?

A thyroid scintigraphy is a statutory and private health insurance benefit.


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