Bone densitometry

schilddruesen szintigrafie


What is bone densitometry?

Bone densitometry uses a special X-ray procedure called DXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) to determine bone stability. This can provide information about whether or to what extent bone mass has already been reduced or thinned out and whether osteoporosis is present or has progressed. The procedure is absolutely painless and involves very little radiation exposure.

How does the examination work?

The examination is performed lying down on a special examination table and takes about 10 minutes. The area of the lumbar spine and the thigh bones are usually measured, as these bone structures are particularly at risk from osteoporosis.

Are the costs reimbursed?

Bone densitometry is a service that is covered by private health insurance companies. We are happy to offer the examination as an IGeL (Individual Health Service) to those with statutory health insurance.